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New Testament

New Testament For the general contents of the New Testament see Bible. See also Covenant. The Chronology of the principal events recorded in the New Testament is given in the following tables, with approximate dates.

The dates of the Epistles of Peter, James, John, and Jude are according to the A.V. For the date of the Crucifixion see Seventy Weeks: other dates are reckoned from that.



27 Augustus emperor of Rome
6 Census in Judaea. Birth of John the Baptist
5 Birth of Jesus. (Four full years before A.D.)
Presentation in the temple
4 Visit of the magi- Flight into Egypt
Massacre of infants. Death of Herod;
Archelaus made ethnarch of Judaea, Samaria and Idumaea
Herod Antipas tetrarch of Peraea and Galilee
Philip tetrarch of Itzuraea. Trachonitis, &c
6 Quirinus (Cyrenius) governor of Syria the second time
Archelaus banished, and Judaea made a province of Syria
7 Enrolment, or taxation. under Cyrenius
Annas made high priest
8 Jesus at Jerusalem Luke 2. 42-46
14 Tiberius emperor of Rome : reigns alone
17 Caiaphas made high priest.
26 Pontius Pilate procurator of Judaea. Mark
John commences his ministry. (See Tiberius.) 1 1-11
Baptism of Jesus. The Temptation
Miracle of the water made wine at Cana. John 2. 1-11
Jesus visits Capernaum
The first Passover. Jesus cleanses the temple. John 2. 13-23
John cast into prison. Jesus preaches in Galilee 1 14-15
Jesus at the synagogue at Nazareth : cast out of the city. Luke 4. 16-30
Jesus visits the towns of Galilee 1 38-39
27 Jesus visits Jerusalem (probably the second Passover); John 5. 1
The twelve Apostles chosen 3 13-19
Sermon on the Mount. Mat. 5-7. Luke 6. 17-49
Miracle in the land of the Gadarenes 5 1-20
The Jews offended at Jesus at Nazareth 6 1-5
Jesus again visits the villages around. 6
Jesus sends forth the twelve 7-13
Death of John the Baptist 17-29
Feeding the five thousand 35-44
Miracles in Gennesaret 53-56
28 Approach of the third Passover. John 6. 4
Feeding the four thousand 8 1-9
The Transfiguration 9 2-10
Feast. of Tabernacles. John 7.
Journey towards Jerusalem. Luke 9. 51
The seventy disciples sent out. Luke 10 1-16
Feast of Dedication (winter). John 10. 22-39
Jesus goes away beyond Jordan. John 10. 40-42
The raising of Lazarus at Bethany. John 11. 1-44
Jesus retires to Ephraim. John 11.54
29 Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem. Cleanses the temple 11 1-18
The Greeks visit Jesus. Voice from heaven. John 12. 20-36
The last (fourth) Passover. The Lord’s supper 14 1-2
The Crucifixion. Ascension. Pentecost
30-34 The events from Pentecost to Stephen Acts 3 7
35 Martyrdom of Stephen. Saul a “young man” 7 58-60
Great persecution, disciples scattered except the apostles 8 1-4
36 Conversion of Saul (three years before his flight from Damascus.)(Gal. 1. 18) 9 26-28
37 Caius (Caligula) emperor of Rome; reigns 4 years
Herod Agrippa succeeds Herod Antipas
Caiaphas deposed, and Jonathan made high priest
38 Paul at Damascus and in Arabia. Gal. 1. 15-18
39 Paul’s first visit to Jerusalem; sent to Tarsus. Gal. 1. 18 9 26-30
40 Conversion of Cornelius 10
41 Claudius emperor of Rome ; reigns 13 years:
Judaea and Samaria united, under Herod Agrippa as king
Herod (brother of Agrippa) King at Chalcis
Gospel preached to the Gentiles at Antioch 11 20
41 Barnabas goes to Antioch; fetches Paul 26
42-3 They remain a year at Antioch
Herod Agrippa’s persecution. James beheaded 12 2
Peter’s imprisonment and release 3-19
44 Death of Herod Agrippa. Palestine again a Roman province 23
Paul’s second visit to Jerusalem with the collection 11 30
45 Paul returns to Antioch 12 25
46-8 First journey of Paul and Barnabas to Cyprus and Asia Minor 13 & 14
48 Ananias nominated high priest by Herod, king of Chalcis
49-50 Paul, after return, remains a long time at Antioch. 14 28
Dispute concerning circumcision, council at Jerusalem 15 1
50 Paul’s third visit to Jerusalem with Barnabas (fourteen years from his conversion. Gal. 2. 1) 2
Returns and stays at Antioch 35
51 Second journey of Paul with Silas and Timothy through Asia Minor to Macedonia and Greece 16 & 17
Felix made procurator
52 Paul spends a year and a half at Corinth 18 11
First and Second Epistles to the Thessalonians written.
The Jews banished from Rome
53 Paul leaves Corinth, and sails to Ephesus
54 Nero emperor of Rome; reigns 14 years
Paul’s fourth visit to Jerusalem. Returns to Antioch 22
Third journey through Galatia and Phrygia 23
55-6 Paul at Ephesus two years and three months 19 8-10
Epistle to the Galatians written.
First epistle to the Corinthians written
Tumult at Ephesus. 23
Paul goes to Macedonia, 2 Co. 2. 13 20 1
57 Second Epistle to the Corinthians written.
Paul goes to Corinth,and stays three months . 2
58 Epistle to the Romans written.
Paul leaves Corinth, and goes through Macedonia with Luke
Sails from Philippi; preaches at Troas 6-7
Paul addresses the elders of Ephesus at Miletus 17
Farewell at Tyre and at Caesarea: 21 4-8
Paul’s fifth visit to Jerusalem just before Pentecost 17
Paul seized by Asiatic Jews in the temple 27
Sent by Lysias to Felix, at Caesarea 23 23
59-60 Heard by Felix. Paul kept in bonds two years 24
60 Felix superseded by Porcius Festus 27
Paul heard by Festus; he appeals to Caesar 25 6-11
Paul heard by Agrinpa and Festus 23
Sent off by sea to Rome (autumn) 27 1
Paul shipwrecked at Malta, where he winters 28
Arrive at Rome. Heard by the Jews 16-17
(About) The epistle of James written,
(About) First Epistle of Peter written
61-62 Paul dwells two years in his own hired house, during which he writes the Epistle: to the Colossians, Philemon, Ephesians, and Philippians. (“Paul the aged:” Philemon 9) 30
63 Paul is liberated and takes another journey.
Epistle to the Hebrews written,
Paul visits Crete and leaves Titus there. Titus 1 5
Paul bids Timothy to remain at Ephesus 1 Tim 1 3
64 Paul goes into Macednma 3
Flrst Epistle to Timothy written
Epistle to Titus written
Paul winters at Nicopolis Titus 3 12
64 Great fire at Rome, attributed to the Christians
65 First general persecution under Nero
The building of the Temple completed – begun by Herod
Paul visits Miletus, and leaves Trophimus there sick 2 Tim 4 20
66 Ananias assassinated by Sicarii
Paul arrested and sent to Rome
Second Epistle of Peter written.
(About) Epistle of Jude written.
Second Epistle to Timothy written
67 Paul put to death.
68 Death of Nero, by suicide
69 Vespasian emperor of Roma
70 The Christians of Jerusalem retire to Pella, beyond the Jordan
Jerusalem destroyed by Titus, son of Vespasian
79 Titus emperor of Rome
After 90 The Three Epistles of John written .
The Revelation written


Original text taken from the New and Concise Bible Dictionary published by G. Morish, London

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