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Bible Treasury – 1856-1920

Bible Treasury


Introductory Address.

Professor A. A. Wallace.

The Bible Treasury is intended to supply an acknowledged want in religious periodical literature, by providing a popular organ for the interchange of practical opinion upon Biblical subjects. Yet the work, it is hoped, will present one positive, definite, pervading thought — the grace and the glory of God, as revealed in the person, the work, and the exaltation of the Lord Jesus Christ. It will seek to proclaim Jesus Christ and him crucified. It will endeavour to set forth the sufferings of Christ, and the glory which shall follow. It will be designed to unfold the fulness of the Gospel both of the grace and the kingdom of God. Prophecy will thus necessarily occupy a large share of our attention. It is a subject upon which almost all earnest Christians are deeply exercised; and, happily, it is ground common to all believers.

We frankly admit, however, that we look and long for the personal and visible advent of our Lord Jesus Christ; and are as fully persuaded that He will thus come a second time and take to Himself His great power and reign, as we are that He came once visibly and personally, in weakness and humiliation. With us, this is a polar truth, harmonizing much that would otherwise be discordant, and giving order and arrangement to elements, which without it, would be chaotic and non-attractive. We believe that the hearty reception of this truth would quicken the church of Christ into new and energetic life; and we shall seek, by suitable argument and illustration, to promulgate it amongst all classes of evangelical Christians, without reference to theological or ecclesiastical distinctions. Further than this, we are not the advocates or exponents of any particular system of prophetic interpretation, nor is The Bible Treasury connected, either directly or indirectly, with any society, church, or other organization.

We shall not refuse to open our columns occasionally to those who may differ from us upon this important topic. One of our objects in commencing The Bible Treasury is, to provide a literary platform for the discussion of prophetic and other practical subjects; and we hope to be able to accomplish that object, consistently with the principles laid down in our “postscript to contributors and correspondents.”

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