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Church of God – Six Lectures

There are six articles on subjects that have to do with the Church of God. The subject of each article is very important to be able to understand the thoughts that God puts before us about His Church.


Scripture is very plain and also very helpful for Gods people to be able to comprehend His thoughts and instruction about that which is very dear to His heart. The Church is so dear to Him that He gave His only son to die on the cross to secure it for Himself.


Mr. William Kelly had six meetings to speak on these six subjects. We put them before you here with the prayer that they will be of a blessing to all that read them and that by reading them some might desire to put in practice the scriptural instructions that God gives us for His Church.




The six subjects that we will consider together are:

1. THE ONE BODY – Ephesians 4

2. THE ONE SPIRIT – 1 Corinthians 12: 1-13

3. THE ASSEMBLY (Church) AND MINISTRY – 1 Corinthians 14


5. GIFTS AND LOCAL CHARGES – Ephesians 4: 7-11





In each of these very interesting articles on the Church, there are a number of important items that are touched on. I list many here that will link you with the portion of the article where the item is considered. Click on the article number following each item and the article will come up, then click on the item of interest to get to the location in the article that speaks about it.




Article 1



Ephesians 4

1. The ONE BODY in unique to the time after the death of Christ, and in contrast to what was before.

2. The cross is the foundation of the ONE BODY.

3. The ONE BODY was in God’s thoughts before the foundation of the world, and is the mystery of Christ and the church.

4. Who is included in the ONE BODY?

5. This truth of the ONE BODY is to have a practical effect on our conduct, we are to recognize the relationship that we have been brought into when we were brought into the body.

6. What ever is precious to the heart of God often finds great opposition.

7. Old Testament reasoning has no place in the church.

8. The great idea behind the church of God.

9. We must consult with God, by looking into His word, as to how we are to have this very important truth of the ONE BODY and the unity of the spirit affect our lives.

10. The unity of the spirit is not the unity of Christians and not according to human rules.

11. Gathered to Christ’s name and not being indifferent to the great object of His death.

12. The word of God is the only standard that we should allow to guide us.

13. Every one of Gods children should seek diligently to be in the place with those that hold and live the truth of the ONE BODY.




Article 2



1 Corinthians 12: 1-13

1. Asserting the rights of the Holy Spirit.

2. Why many Jews have failed to recognize Jesus as Messiah.

3. Another Comforter.

4. Why Jesus, the Messiah, had to die and postpone His glorious reign for a time.

5. Another would take the place of the Messiah on earth for a time.

6. The activity of the Spirit on earth while Christ is away.

7. The activity of the Spirit in the Assembly while Christ is away.

8. There is a divine person on earth and He will abide with us forever.

9. The great test for Christians today.




Article 3



1 Corinthians 14

1. THE ASSEMBLY (the Church) is a result of the finished work of Christ.

2. Such as should be saved.

3.  THE ASSEMBLY had rest.

4. Grace and truth always go together.

5. The Spirit always maintains both the Glory of Christ and His Lordship.

6. The truth of the Lordship of Christ is to govern all the activity of any gift in the ASSEMBLY.

7. Divine order for speaking in the ASSEMBLY.

8. Thus the revolution of Christendom is complete.

9. He who becomes a member of the church of God at all is a member of it everywhere.

10. Cleave to nothing but the word.

11. The ASSEMBLY is the place where He expects the manifestation of His character before men.

12. True MINISTRY flows from Christ, by the power of the Spirit.

13. The Lord calls – not the church, the Lord sends – not the saints, The Lord controls – not the assembly.

14. Simple faith in the Lord, in His grace, in His word.




Article 4



John 4: 10-24

1. Christian WORSHIP is in contrast with what went before.

2. There is a perfect revelation of God in Christ.

3. A new nature is needed to WORSHIP God.

4. The Lord should have been the receiver, but has become the giver.

5. The Father as an object for WORSHIP.

6. Where is Christian WORSHIP to be found?

7. The Assembly of God, meeting as such, is essential to Christian WORSHIP.

8. Liberty, yes, but for the Spirit not for man.

9. THE BREAKING OF BREAD, The Lords Supper.

10. Scripture, not mans ideas, are to guide in the taking of the Supper.

11. Eating the Supper unworthily.

12. The importance of being at the meeting for THE BREAKING OF BREAD.





Article 5



Ephesians 4: 7-11

1. GIFTS – their source and character.

2. The GIFTS of the Lord.

3. He gave some apostles, and some prophets, and some evangelists, and some pastors and teachers.

4. Apostles and Prophets – the foundation.

5. The Lord ordains the apostles for their work.

6. The Lord ordains the prophets for their work.

7. The laying on of hands.

8. Ordaining elders.

9. Ministerial gifts were given by the Lord, wherever and to whomever He pleases.

10. Two great principles.

11. The apostle was inspired to write epistles to churches where there were no elders.

12. His far-reaching wisdom is sufficient to meet the difficulties of any day.

13. Acts 14:23 – On the election of elders.




Article 6



2 Tim. 2: 11-22

1. A path which vulture’s eye has not seen.

2. A lesson of no small importance.

3. What Jesus said about what He would find on earth when He returns.

4. What the Spirit has to say about the development of Christendom

5. Gods word is open to all that we might understand His thoughts.

6. The resources available to those that want to be faithful.

7. Which is best, your rules or Gods word?

8. Mans ways always tend to ruin Gods work.

9. The Lord provides for those who want to be faithful.

10. Act on what you see from the word and trust the Lord for what will follow.

11. There is only one gathering center for all that call upon the Lord out of a pure heart.

12. Are there church associations that are not based on and governed by the name of Christ?