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When Ye Come Together

When Ye Come Together

When the Lord’s people come together, be it for prayer, worship or to be occupied with searching the word of God, it is good to see the simplicity intended for such meetings.

There is a tendency to incorporate what is not scriptural, which is a hindrance to the leading of the Spirit of God.

The thoughts and ideas of men have crept into the church over the years. Clinging to these thoughts and ideas rather than the instructions found in the word of God is the cause of sad divisions among the Lord’s people.


Lord, we can see, by faith in thee,

 1 LORD, we can see, by faith in Thee,
A prospect bright, unfailing,
Where God shall shine, in light divine,
In glory never fading.

2 A home above, of peace and love,
Close to Thy holy person!
Thy saints shall there see glory fair,
And shine as Thy reflection.

3 Oh! how we thirst the chains to burst,
That weigh our spirits downward,
And there to flow, in love’s full glow,
With hearts like Thine surrounded.

4 No more as here, ‘mid snares to fear
A thought or wish unholy!
No more to pain the Lamb once slain,
But live to love Thee wholly!

5 No more to view Thy chosen few
In selfish strife divided!
But drink in peace the living grace
That gave them hearts united!