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Bible Stories

Bible stories

True stories from the word of God have been a real blessing and encouragement to both young and old. These stories bring before the reader many helpful lessons about God’s care, God’s guidance and God’s government in the lives of real people.




Abraham and Isaac

Achan’s sin

Balaam’s sacrifice

Genesis to Judges – poem

Gideon and the Pitchers

Gideon’s fleece

Hagar and Ishmael

Isaac and Rebekah

Israelites spoil the Egyptians

Jacob deceived by his sons

Jacob meets Esau


Jericho taken

Joseph put into the pit

Joseph’s death

Joseph’s dreams

Joseph, ruler over Egypt part 1

Joseph, ruler over Egypt part 2

Joseph, ruler over Egypt part 3

Joshua and the stone of witness

Moses and Aaron before Pharaoh

Moses in the ark of bulrushes

Moses smites the rock

Pharaoh’s dream

Rahab and the spies

Rebekah at the well

Sprinkling the blood

The ark crossing Jordan

The cities of Refuge

The destruction of Sodom

The Egyptians in the Red Sea

The gifts foe the Tabernacle

The Passover

The plagues

The Scapegoat

The Serpent of Brass

The Sin Offering

The spies at Eshcol

The story of Samson – 1

The story of Samson – 2

The story of Samson – 3

The sun stands still

The tower of Babbel

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